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About Amnesiaparty

We are currently the leading company in the Costa Rican market in bars and farewell tour of Bachelorettes and birthdays with the stamp of VIP.

We are dedicated to entertainment constantly innovating to offer new forms of entertainment.

We specialize in providing a unique experience, exceeding the expectations of safety, quality and service to our customers.

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Guaranteed quality

With extensive experience in the market your event will be in the best hands

Leaders in the market

Innovating in the market with the best tours, customers have chosen us as the best VIP option in Costa Rica.

Quick Reservation

Through our platforms we guarantee an easy and quick reservation of your event

The best price

Get the best investment of your money with our tours with proven quality.

Passion and Work

Making your event an unforgettable moment is the passion and work objective of Amnesia Party.

Confidence And Security

With a guaranteed quality and standard, our tours are characterized by visiting the most exclusive and safe areas of Costa Rica.


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