Bachelorette parties with style

Do you have to organize a bachelorette party for your friend, and you do not know where to start? A bachelorette party is the ideal occasion to spend a few memorable hours with friends, it’s about getting discolored, uninhibited, but beware! You can do fun and unforgettable things without the need to blush the future bride, believe us! 😉

Today we give you 6 tips to organize a bachelorette party and keep a friend:

1) Get the girl list that the girlfriend would like to have in her farewell. We repeat “the girls that I would like”. And to achieve this, it is not necessary to go around the bush. Ask him directly to avoid misunderstandings or forgetfulness. One idea: that the bride creates a group of whatsapp with all the girls, and then “by bye” she leaves the group.

2) It is best to start the farewell with a organized group activity . It will help to break the ice and to interact more among all. Identify the type of group they are.

  • For adventurous groups: Ride on a catamaran or similar floating element. It can be quiet, bucolic style in connection with nature, or “party hard” style: the variety of offer is incredible!
  • For groups moviditos and motivated : Some physical activity or game organized as a paintball (game of pistolitas), a “yellow humor”, a scape room (a game of strategy and emotion) … will make the adrenaline rise, rise.
  • For quiet and flirtatious groups: “Beauty parties” are in fashion and more and more, beauty salons organize manicure sessions, facial massages, joint self-makeup sessions!
  • For small and well-traveled groups : A cooking workshop where you can talk calmly about your things. You can find offers of sushi workshops, gin and tonics, to make cupcakes …

  • 3) To create a fun atmosphere, you can wear costumes. Costumes in plural. How about you look for a “ joint costume “? Yes, all disguised! Thematize the farewell will help them to have more ideas and will give them a lot of play. Ideas:

    • For embarrassing brides , “where’s Wally?” so that the bride will appreciate something unnoticed 😉
    • For tale brides , “Snow White and the 7 dwarfs” she in white snow and you in the dwarfs of course!
    • If you chose a farewell near the sea : mermaid (so you can not escape) and the rest of the sailor motifs (fish, jellyfish, divers …). If they opted for the water activity, it will give them a lot of play!
    • For farewells that opt ​​for a tranquil activity such as a sushi workshop , remember that there is always room for a good disguise 😉

    4) Prepare a playlist of TOP songs that help to animate the event. So, on the wedding day you will know what songs to ask the DJ!

    5) Have a simple question-answer game prepared that demonstrates everything you know about your future husband. A resource for a quiet moment that are reunited, before the fatigue emerges, take the game! For example, while they change, while having dinner, while having a drink … A game idea: Days before the farewell, videotape the groom , taking a quiz about their tastes, hobbies, their privacy with the girlfriend…. The day of the farewell, the bride has to answer, to see if it is correct or not the answer he gave. Surely he is excited to see his boy on the big screen.