Origin of bachelor parties

We all know that a bachelor party is a party that the friends of the groom or the bride prepare to have fun on the last nights of bachelorhood but, do you know where it has its origin?

As modern as it may seem, bachelor parties have their origins in the Middle Ages when the friends of the groom on their last nights of bachelor engagement the services of an adult leisure professional to see if the boyfriend would fall into temptation or otherwise , I would be faithful to your partner.

On the other hand, bachelorette parties have their origin in Germany with an impossible love story. A couple in love wanted to get married but they were of different social caste, so the father of the bride refused in full to the wedding. The father said that he would disinherit his daughter if she married him, but she ignored him and continued with the idea of ​​the link. The friends of the bride, to prevent the newlyweds from seeing themselves with nothing, they set up a party and gave them presents to set up the trousseau, and to spare them some expenses from their new house.

It is also believed that bachelor parties emerged around 1890 in the United States, Canada and Australia and that it was based on a meeting of family and friends of the bride to spend the last night of singleness as she wished.

Bachelor parties today

Currently bachelor parties are no longer used to offer gifts to the future marriage but it is a party to say goodbye to singleness, often separately and increasingly in mixed farewells.

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