Ten rules of the bachelorette party

Every woman who is going to get married has to say goodbye to singleness, right? To help you make it a perfect event in this I present the ten bachelorette rules to make it memorable and unforgettable.

  1. It has to be organized by the ladies or best friends.
  2. It can not be done a day before the wedding.
  3. It has to be done based on the taste of the bride.
  4. Not synonymous with stripper (Must consult previously)
  5. It is not synonymous with drunkenness can take other types of options such as Spa or other types of games that companies like Amnesia Party provides.
  6. The bride does not have to feel uncomfortable.
  7. People who are not invited to the bride should not be invited.
  8. It should not become an expense they can not afford.
  9. No photos or videos should be shared on social networks.
  10. They should not discuss the relationship of the bride with the bridegroom.